Doors by Ken's Handyman Express, Inc.

Long ago people believed that by entering through special wooden doors, their souls would be transformed into something greater than before they entered. Whether your dream custom door is created on the back of a napkin or designed with the latest CAD program, our artists and craftsmen are focused on only one thing, the perfect entrance way to transform your home - and your life.

Custom Doors

Custom Doors

Our design processes use the latest technology to turn your dream wooden door into reality. From our trained designers, to our revolutionary kiln-drying process which dries your custom wooden doors or wine cellar doors to the optimal moisture level based on your geography, Ken's Handyman Express, Inc. goes above and beyond to meet your needs.

Luxury Doors

Once your luxury door has been designed, it is up to the artists and craftsmen to use the knowledge their fathers and grandfathers have passed down through the generations to create a work of art, and a trans-formative experience for your guests. Anyone can make an exterior wooden door, only Ken's Handyman Express, Inc. can create an entrance way that reflects your personality, custom doors that will last.

Wooden Doors

Office DoorsIf you just cannot come up with that one-of-a-kind design yourself, Ken's Handyman Express, Inc. is also proud to offer its Designer and Specialty Series of custom doors, wooden entry doors, luxury doors, custom wrought iron doors, and glass specialty doors, with hundreds of designs to choose from, which can be modified by our designers to create something truly unique.
Exterior wood entry doors by Ken's Handyman Express, Inc. create the ultimate first impression. Combined with the other elements of architecture, landscaping, lighting, and perspective, a luxury door will always stand out. Interior wooden doors such as our wine cellar doors, island lifestyles doors, paradise doors, wooden custom doors, and mahogany interior doors complete the look of individuality and sophistication for our customers and clients.