Our Services Overview

We are a Full Service Construction Company located in beautiful Huntington Beach, California and we serve even the remotest areas of Southern California.

Custom Concrete
Handyman Specialty Services
At Handyman Express no job is too big or too small. We handle a wide variety of Construction Services, Maintenance Contracts, and Remodeling and Repair projects. From the footing to the rooftop, Handyman Express' highly qualified team of specialists have the knowledge and the know-how to handle any of your construction or remodeling needs.

Your Advantages

The advantage of using our service is that at Handyman Express we wear more than one hat.
Commercial Services - Handyman Express' specialty is handling all phases of Commercial Building Services and Maintenance Contracts with established businesses.
Residential Services - Handyman Express are also specialists in Residential Services such as building you a custom home, complete Room Additions, relocating walls, bathroom fixtures, etc.
Handyman Express - Handyman Express is also designed to handle the smaller miscellaneous repairs around the home or office such as installing electrical fixtures, repairing holes in the walls, simply hanging a door or just installing a plain shelf.

We Ensure

A prompt, courteous response to your initial inquiry, handled by an experienced and competent staff member who will listen to you!
That your project will be priced by a highly qualified fully experienced contractor!
Priced using a system that encompasses the full range (rather than a single set price) of available products specific to your project, allowing your choice of price/quality/performance per products bought to install.
Bid using a system that encompasses the full spectrum of available job-specific elements, allowing you your choice of how involved you would like your project to be.
Invoiced in a straightforward way that you, or you and your accountant will be able to easily understand and use.
That your onsite project will be overseen by a competent, experienced professional and completed in a timely manner.